Caring for Your SmartKnives – Maintenance Guide

At TheSmartKnives, we want to ensure that your knives stay sharp and serve you well for years to come. Follow these comprehensive care and maintenance instructions to keep your SmartKnives in optimal condition:

  • Choose a cutting surface that preserves the sharpness of your knives. Opt for high-quality wood cutting boards, as they are gentle on the blade. Avoid using tile, ceramic, marble, granite, or glass cutting boards, as they can dull the edge.

  • Use a smooth, slicing motion when cutting with your SmartKnives. Avoid forceful chopping movements. The proper technique is a forward and downward motion, followed by pulling the knife up and back for the next cut. 

  • When starting to use a SmartKnife, take your time to enjoy its precision cutting abilities. As you gain experience, you’ll become more proficient. Always exercise caution and pay attention to the knife’s position in relation to your fingers.

  • Handwash your SmartKnives with gentle dish soap after each use. Avoid using soaps with citrus extracts or bleach, as they can cause corrosion. Rinse thoroughly and immediately towel dry. Allow the knives to air dry for a few minutes before storing.

  • Avoid leaving your knife submerged in soapy water or sitting in a sink full of water. Prolonged exposure to water can be detrimental to the metal and pose a safety risk.

  • To prevent micro-corrosion, ensure the cutting edge is thoroughly dried after washing. Moisture weakens stainless steel and can lead to small chips in the blade. Safely dry the sharp cutting edge, keeping your fingers away.

  • Store your SmartKnives in a stainless steel block, roll-up knife case, or in-drawer tray/sheath. Avoid storing knives unsheathed in a drawer, as this can pose a hazard to both the blades and your fingers.

Regular honing is recommended to maximize the blade’s lifespan. While yearly sharpening is beneficial with heavy use, weekly honing is recommended to maintain the razor-sharp edge and extend the time between sharpenings significantly.

  • Hand wash your knives and thoroughly dry the blade after each use. Stainless steel, although stain and rust-resistant, can still be affected by prolonged exposure to moisture.

  • Gently wipe the wood handle under running water with a cloth and immediately dry with a towel. Avoid soaking or leaving it submerged in water.

  • Remember not to use the knife on hard objects or surfaces such as tile, ceramic, marble, granite, or glass cutting boards.

  • Periodically re-sharpen the knife blade using a honing rod/steel, sharpening stone, or tungsten sharpener. Maintain the correct blade angle (8-15 degrees) during sharpening. If you feel the knife snagging slightly, it may only require stropping or honing, not full re-sharpening.

By following these care and maintenance guidelines, you will ensure the longevity and performance of your SmartKnives. For any further assistance or questions, feel free to contact us at Enjoy the stress-free service and reliability of your quality investment piece!

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